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Praktika is a wellness inspired community that redefines workplace dynamics to include wellness and mindfulness. We use wellness to empower productivity and innovation. We create experiences that prioritize personal and communal wellness journeys. 

We found Praktika understanding that our bodies are normally treated reactively instead of preventatively. Praktika began with the goal of administering preventative care techniques to the body during the workday to counteract workstation tension. 

Creating Wellness Communities
We facilitate an environment that prioritizes holding each other accountable for our personal wellness journeys by encouraging local wellness practitioners to express their passion within workspaces. We work to get to know our community and how we can work with them to seamlessly integrate wellness into the workday. Praktika bridges the gap between wellness and the busy, on-going environment of workspaces. With a model derived from simplicity and focused on balance, we simplifiy the integration of wellness into the workday by designing carefully curated semi-private sessions that facilitate intentional, healthy and balanced relationships between the body and the mind.

Praktika brings social wellness events specifically crafted to the dynamic of each unique workspace while making being well an attainable goal for each individual. They now have a community around them that prioritizes habitual wellness.